Welcome to CCPAY Official website!
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Welcome to CCPAY Official website!

For helping Singapore Merchants, there is no cost for registering ALIPAY payment!!!



(1) Prepare your IC and company registration documents(2)Fill up the agreement (3)Fill up details of your beneficiary bank account to protect your settlement smoothly

Alipay verify(2)

Alipay verify(2)

Submit your documents to approve (3-5 working days)

Materials of payment preparation

Materials of payment preparation

Materials of payment preparation needs (2-5)working days,then issuing to merchants.


CC PAY-Your business payment partner

CC PAY is a full channel payment services provider with a powerful management system which is inclusive of cashier, payment, transfer and value bank, who will provide a secure, faster and convenience mobile payment service to local merchants.

CC PAY - ALIPAY become a strategic partner.

Most powerful and effective marketing campaign strategy guru and richest financial operating experiences as well as financial application development skills holder in Singapore - CC PAY signed the agreement with ALIPAY to become a strategic partner  to push up the mobile payment market in Singapore.


10 days 1.26 million,21 days 1.82 million readers

CC PAY is not only to provide the mobile  payment to Singapore merchants, but also bring the customer flows to them. Because CC PAY close cooperation with Mobile Community Tech Pte Ltd (MCT)  who will not only lead local customer flows into merchants, but also South East Asia tourists and Chinese tourists too.  Through the showed two social events you will know that the capability of social media marketing is very powerful now, which could rise up local merchants productivity and profits in unforeseen way that CC PAY and MCT are experts to help you use these strategies.

Why choose CC PAY?

Singapore CC PAY will partner with Alibaba ALIPAY to complete Singapore’s first intellectual shopping mall in people’s park complex. The target is to complete 300 shops and get them ready for the intellectual shopping mall by August 2017

Walking in to the intellectual shopping mall and by shaking your smart phone, China tourist will be able to know which shop are having sales and is able to complete the transaction using CC PAY or ALIPAY. Cash will no longer be needed.

By using CC PAY or ALIPAY in this intellectual shopping mall, China tourism and immigrant could fulfill a safer, convenient, faster and cashless transaction.

The intellectual people park complex will be run by Singapore Mobile Community Tech Pte Ltd using the “smart shop” system as support. By using “长诚猫” public WeChat account as online services advertisement, Chinatown, Orchard Road, Sentosa, Club Street, Geylang and Jurong east, Shops will include CC PAY, ALIPAY, gift cards, Wi-Fi and shaking function. Singapore CC PAY intellectual shopping will fulfill an overall increase of shop’s flexibility, social advertisement, easier of access and increase the sales and customer service. Down to detail, Shops will display CC PAY and ALIPAY QR code and shaking function. Advertisement and guides will also be posted at the street and shops to assist China tourist and immigrant in understanding that they can use the functions to get discount, lucky draws and payment via CC PAY and ALIPAY when they enter the area.

Currently, Singapore Mobile Community Tech Pte Ltd and CC PAY has already move in for all trade including medical, hotel, taxi, retail, department store, Food & Beverage, delivery and many more at Chang Cheng merchant. Singapore Mobile Community Tech assist all merchant to deliver a standard payment policy with its strong technology capability.

By testing the experience and sales model in Chang Cheng intellectual merchant, Singapore Mobile tech Pte Ltd has improve customer experience in both experience in and out of the retail outlets. With the using of CC PAY and ALIPAY Cashless payment, Merchants would receive the payment 70% more faster than before.

While experimenting Chang Cheng merchant town, Singapore Mobile Community Tech Pte Ltd partner with a money changer in People’s park complex an online voting of mother day reunion in Singapore as a give back to its customer and a survey in its actual outlet. After 10 days of voting, the participant of Singapore totaled up to be 165 while the view of the voting reaches 1.26Million view. In the 10 days of event, the outlet registered a 196% growth compared to past year result while garnering and excess of 30,000 fans in the money changer public Wechat account. Due to CC PAY devotion, ALIPAY merchant in Singapore has reach more than 1200 and has been expanding its market. By estimation, CC PAY will have 300 merchants in the previous mention people’s park complex and 300 more merchant in other area and a combination of more than 1800 merchant in Singapore for ALIPAY. As currently, most shops are waiting for government assist to change, CC PAY will provide free installation, free online website advertisement and free customer service. In the meantime, CC PAY will also waive the first 100 merchant half year service fee to guide Singapore towards a cashless transaction nation. CC PAY along with Chang Cheng merchant and ALIPAY will try to bring more discount to China Tourist and China immigrant while gaining more revenue for the merchant by connecting Orchard, Sentosa, Geylang, Bugis, Club Street, Jurong East and major shopping centre’s link up on website and outlet during September.

ALIPAY(支付宝)/CC PAY(长诚支付)

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