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This page serves to answer the frequently asked and mentioned questions, if the listed answers do not satisfy your questions regarding CCPAY services, please contact our customer service center at 9850 1098 or email to services@ccpay.sg. Thanks for your support!

How To Apply for CCPAY?

You can apply for CCPAY through the following steps:

1      Through our website, <Contact us>, enter you contact details and questions then submit. It will reach our customer services who will arrange a professional salesman to get in contact with you.

2      Call our customer services hotline at 66358268 or 98501098 and tell them your requirement

3      Email to : services@ccpay.sg and get in touch with our customer service and tell them your requirement

Come to our office and meet our salesperson at : 2 Kallang Avenue #07-33 CT HUB, Singapore 339407.

Is there any requirement for a CCPAY application?

As long as you are a Singapore registered merchant with a physical store then you are welcomed to apply.

Please contact our sales person for more details.

What document do I need when applying for CCPAY?

Applicants need to prepare their ACRA (actual copy and photocopy) and Identification Card (Actual and Photocopy). If the applicant have company stamp, they would need the stamp to stamp on the agreement. For easier completion of transaction, please prepare a copy of the bank detail.

How many numbers can be registered for notifying when applying for CCPAY?

To let a merchant know that payment has been made, we can register one free (and only one) notification mobile number. If merchant wants a mobile notification and also wants their staff to know about the payment message, the merchant would need to install a Bluetooth printer (not in the free installation campaign, for actual pricing, please contact our marketing personnel).

How Long will it take for my CCPAY (Alipay) application to be approved?

On a Normal basis it will take 5 working days

1、CCPAY staff to check and approve on the details (1 – 2 Day)

2、Alipay document approval (1 Day)

3、QR Code for receiving payment on the spot (2 Day)

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