Alipay partners CC Pay to widen cashless payment platform to Singapore

The strategic partner with Alipay and WeChat Pay, the CCPAY is now launching its service in Singapore to help local merchants rising Chinese tourists and attracting them spend more in Singapore

Alipay to expand cashless payments to Singapore

SINGAPORE - China's cashless payment service provider Alipay plans to expand its 20,000 acceptance points in Singapore, and will soon open up the platform to Singapore banking users. On Tuesday (Aug 22), it inked a deal with a local start-up to further this ambition. Singapore start-up CC Financial Services, which promotes its CCPay brand of mobile payments, is the local partner for acquiring merchants to get on the Alipay platform. The primary goal is to better serve the 2.8 million tourists from China yearly.

Chinatown merchants go cashless with Alipay platform

SINGAPORE: China's online payment platform Alipay on Tuesday (Aug 22) signed an agreement with local start-up CCPay, to officially offer cashless payment services to retailers in Singapore’s Chinatown area. The move will in particular help businesses in People’s Park Complex, People’s Park Centre and Chinatown. CCPay, which started in March this year and is headquartered in Singapore, has about 600 merchants under its belt. The company plans to grow the number of merchants to 6,000.

Alipay targeting Singapore consumers

On Tuesday, it signed a deal with CCPay, owned by local startup CC Financial Services Pte Ltd, to increase the number of Alipay acceptance points here in addition to the 20,000 points it already has - of which about 17,000 of them are for taxis.

This is the headingAlipay, CCPay tie up to promote cashless payment service in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Alipay, China's leading cashless payment platform and a subsidiary of Alibaba's related company, Ant Financial, on Tuesday signed a partnership agreement with a Singapore-based digital payment provider CCPay to offer cashless payment services to retailers in Singapore. According to the agreement, CCPay will help Alipay expand the use of the cashless payment platforms in Singapore so as to give convenience to Chinese tourists here.

AliPay to launch local wallet for Singapore

Working with Singapore-based digital payment solutions provider CCPay, Alipay has already signed up about 300 merchants in Chinatown to the payment app which is targeting Chinese nationals living in Singapore, as well as Chinese tourists. At Tuesday's launch, Mr Melvin Ooi — Alipay’s country manager for Singapore, Sri Lanka and the Maldives — said: “We will soon offer a local wallet for Singapore consumers.

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