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CC PAY Payment Service

Singapore lowest admin fee payment platform, helps Singapore merchant receive payment faster, safer and conveniently for both local and overseas user when purchasing in their store.


ALIPAY Payment Service

Strong partnership that helps Singapore merchant to attract large amount of china tourist and improve the sales level by having a convenient payment mode and experiencing the high quality of customer service in Singapore.


CC PAY merchant leads generation services

We do not only provide safe, fast and convenient payment service. At the same time, we will use our platform to help merchant attract customer more faster and effectively to improve the merchant sales result and reputation


CC PAY Payment Service

CC PAY is a type of full payment service management system. It includes receiving payment, making payment, transferring, top up and more services. It is a safe, convenient and fast speed mobile payment platform which use QR payment code as breakthrough to assist merchant in using a low capital resource or on the spot scanning payment.

Because our main focus payment method is by QR code payment, we will explain the safety and reliable of the system.

As a unique mobile payment method, QR Payment has to have a certain standard of reliability and secure for the user. Most user thinks that in mobile transaction, the basic secure are, able to identify, confidentiality, completeness and not able to deny.

1.       able to identify

As most of the QR Payment service flow through the internet environment, the transaction of funds transferring is a very important sector during the mobile transaction. If there is no ability to identify, hacker will easily obtain sensitive detail and creating fraudulent activity by impersonating the user. Identification is the capability of recognizing of the user and guaranteeing that the user is the actual user As such, even if the transaction is not by face to face, it is still able to identify the other party identity. In mobile payment service, theres 3 way of identification method.

(1)    The user and checker enjoy a encryption password, checker will use the encryption password to confirm the identity of the user.

(2)    The user uses a private encryption as signature. The checker will use a public encryption signature to identify the user identity.

(3)    The user uses a third party to confirm his/her identity.

2.       Confidentiality

Looking at the QR Payment process, User uses app and payment system exist a lot of data transmission. All this data transmission could be related to identity, payment order, payment detail and belongs to sensitive information. Once this information is leaked out, it is considered as illegal and will cost the user to have his/her identity disclose or monetary losses.

QR Payment process is build on a open internet environment. To protect the confidentiality of sensitive information is an important factor. As such, to prevent sensitive information from being illegally save out or stealing of information, in mobile transaction, it is normal to use encryption method to protect the sensitive information’s confidentiality. 

3.       Completeness

While QR payment brings convenient in payment, it also brings the problem of ensuring the transaction information is complete and standard. For example, if the transaction data has some changes during the transmission of data, both parties will see different payment information. Other than this, the loss of data through payment transmission, repeating of data transmission or the sequences of the data transmission is change will all cause involved party to see different information. Ensuring the completeness of transaction information is the basis of mobile payment. It is requiring to go through a completeness check to ensure that the information is not filled up randomly, change or deleted, while preventing the data transmission to lose information or repeating and ensuring the sequence of the data transmission is standardize. Completeness can usually be done by collecting information from database and uses hash to send the data as an evident to proof the completeness. The receiver upon receive the information will use the same hash and compare to the one that he/she receive to do a check whether the information is complete.

4. Not able to deny

In QR payment, all payment information exists in the form of numerical value. In comparison to traditional paper checking, numerical value is much easier to edit and forge. To prevent data from being editing and forgery as an excuse, user deny that he/she is involved in the transaction activity, we will need to include evidence of user being involved in the transaction, which is not able to deny. In mobile transaction, the main numerical value signature provide unable to deny.

To summarize, QR payment is able to show that it reliable and secure by ensuring that the four points are being maintained. As such, QR payment is currently the best payment mode among all the payment mode.

ALIPAY Payment Service

Why must enterprise need Alipay now? base on Singapore tourism board's data, China tourism are increasing yearly.

Year 2014 : China tourist 1,720,000

Year 2015 : China tourist 2,100,000

Year 2016 : China Tourist 2,830,000

As China Tourist average spending is the highest among all tourist and with their national culture of not bringing cash out, ALIPAY will become their main payment when they are on tour due to a safer and convenient payment. As such, China tourist will be more willingly to spend more when they are on tour. If merchant do not install ALIPAY, it will affect their business greatly. So if merchant wants to improve on their sales and increase their revenue, it will be wise to follow the trend and add in ALIPAY payment


CC PAY merchant leads generation services

CC PAY not only provide mobile payment mode to merchant, we also help merchant to attract more customer as CC PAY works closely together with MCT technology to attract more customer including of China tourism and Southeast Asia customer.

Our merchants, while using CC PAY service can enjoy both online and offline activities organize by MCT & CC PAY to increase their reputation and through MCT marketing strategy increase their potential customers. The reason that their strategy and activities work is due to the fact that we are down to earth in increasing our customer service standard while enhance our merchant products.

Through the activities we organize, merchant can easily gain more customer through the platform that uses ALIPAY & CC PAY while customer can also learn more about better value and different variety of product and services.

1 million of view to us is a starting. At the upcoming activities, we will improve on the influential power of the platform to let merchant get more benefits while consumer more values.